Welcome to pretalx’s documentation

pretalx is an open source conference management tool. It starts you off by creating a Calls for Participation that is exactly right for you. You can then review incoming submissions with your team and choose the best ones. Once you’ve made your choice, create the best schedule for your conference with our schedule editor. It even takes into account when your speakers are available! And it can do even more – check the features page for details.

We aim to make our documentation as up to date, usable and complete as possible. We want you to be able understand, use, run, and improve pretalx. That said, documentation is never finished, and rarely perfect. If there is anything unclear or missing in our documentation, or if pretalx behaves in unexpected ways, we’d be happy if you’d let us know.

Documentation structure

Project information

The pretalx source code is available on GitHub, where you can also find the issue tracker. The documentation is available at docs.pretalx.org, and you can find up to date information on our blog and Twitter. You can install pretalx with pip via PyPI.

pretalx is published under the terms of the Apache License. The primary maintainer of this project is Tobias Kunze who also runs the pretalx hosting at pretalx.com.

If you’d like to contribute to pretalx, you are most welcome! We have written a little about how to get started here.

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