❤ Funding

pretalx is an open-source project and largely a labour of love by me, Tobias. Hi!

Since love is notoriously bad at paying the bills, there are multiple ways to help fund pretalx development. In an ideal world, I can concentrate completely on pretalx development and maintenance. That would improve pretalx by a lot – the context switch between pretalx and other work projects is not exactly conductive to complex feature development.

Since you have come here and read this far, please consider if you can and want to contribute to pretalx financially. If you do, please reach out at sales@pretalx.com or r@rixx.de. There are these four options for funding and sponsorship at the moment:


The easiest way for an event to fund pretalx development is to use pretalx at our hosted instance. We (that is: I) provide professional hosting of pretalx for events at pretalx.com. The pricing follows an event’s size, and there are discounts available for community events. You don’t have to think about backups and updates and will be the first to any new feature or bug fix – and of course prompt support and help if you have questions. What’s not to like?

Feature sponsorship

Sponsoring the development of a feature you want or need is another great way to contribute to pretalx: It comes with tangible benefits and you know exactly what you get for your money. When doing this, we will of course highlight that you commissioned this feature, both in the documentation and on social media channels. If you’re looking for ideas, look at the sponsorship label in the pretalx issue tracker. But really, any open issue or wild idea is up for discussion.

Support contracts

We’re serious about supporting the open source community. We try to make it as easy as possible to set up and maintain pretalx, as the long list of external events can confirm. However, if you want to support the pretalx project while running your own instance, you can choose a support contract. You’ll get a set amount of hours per year of guaranteed support, for example if you need help with upgrades or backups or if you want to figure out how to configure your event.


This option comes last because it’s my least favourite option. There is nothing that ties donations tangibly to pretalx, which is less satisfying for you and me both. But the other options assume that you have a budget and possibly an event that you’re currently running, which may not be the case for you. If you’re looking for a low-key, low-effort way to show your appreciation and support for pretalx, you can donate money to me directly. I have a Patreon account and some other donation options for one-off donations.

Whichever option you choose: Thank you! I appreciate every bit of support. And, of course, if you’d rather contribute your time, we’re always happy to see new contributors!