Release Notes

Next Release


  • [Fixed bug] The XML schedule export was missing all speaker information. (#1694)

Call for Papers

  • [Feature] In the CfP submission multi-step form, the tab title now reflects the proposal title, to make it easier to work on multiple proposal submissions at the same time. (#1761)

  • [Feature] pretalx now supports the ~~ strikethrough syntax in Markdown. (#1574)

  • [Feature] Choice and multiple choice questions now use a drop-down with typeahead (search for options) when they have a lot of options.

  • [Fixed bug] When using the new Dutch locale, users were unable to use the availability picker, as the locale was missing from the calendar. (#1700)

Organiser backend

  • [Feature] Administrators (i.e. instance owners) can now search a list of all users, which includes their teams and permissions, and links to trigger account deletion and password resets.

  • [Feature] All images in forms in the organiser area now include a preview of the saved image, and open a lightbox instead of the image file when clicked. (#1079)

  • [Feature] All tables in the organiser area now come with sticky headers, to accommodate the possible increased length of the tables.

  • [Fixed bug] While organisers could reorder questions, and the order was saved and used in the frontend, the new order was not shown in the organiser backend.

Organiser backend: Speaker management

  • [Fixed bug] When filtering the speaker list by only accepted/confirmed speakers, the listed proposal count would be incorrect (inflated). (#1768)

Organiser backend: Session management

  • [Fixed bug] The proposal list could not be filtered by answers to questions of the type choice/multiple choice. (#1704)

Organiser backend: Review process

  • [Fixed bug] Assigning reviewers could lead to incorrect assignments when browsers cached the form, but new reviewers were added to the team, shifting the overall order of input fields.

  • [Fixed bug] In the new bulk review feature, reviewers had to review all proposals at once if the event’s settings required review scores or comments to be set. Now, the bulk review feature permits partial reviews.

Organiser backend: Scheduling

  • [Feature] The schedule editor now allows you to schedule talks that are only “pending accepted” (i.e. the speaker has not yet received the acceptance email), so that organisers can try out how their schedule would look with a given number of tentatively accepted proposals. (#1730)

  • [Fixed bug] Sessions starting at exactly midnight of the first day of the event would not show up in the schedule editor (but could be scheduled there by dropping them on the day heading). (#1702)

  • [Fixed bug] The HTML export failed to render the schedule page due to an incorrect URL. (#1698)


  • [Feature] The submission API now has a filter for the is_featured field.


  • [Announcement] We now recommend that you use a virtualenv instead of the pip --user installation method, and have updated our install and upgrade documentation accordingly.

2024.1.0 2024-02-16


  • [Feature] Breaks now also show their start time and duration in the schedule.

  • [Feature] Session and speaker images will now be shown in an overlay on click, instead of opening a new page. (#1324)

  • [Feature] Talks can now be starred (added to the list of favourite talks) from the talk page, not just from the schedule page. (#1041)

  • [Fixed bug] When building the social media preview card, pretalx would display a session’s description rather than its abstract. (#1666)

  • [Fixed bug] RSS feeds for new releases would sometimes fail to load if control characters were used in the schedule version or event name.

  • [Announcement] The primary URL of widget scripts and widget data has changed. The old URLs will continue to work until at least the last 2024 release.

  • [Announcement] The old v1 schedule widget, which has been deprecated for a long time, has been removed.

Call for Papers

  • [Feature] pretalx now warns users when they try to leave a page with unsaved changes. (#1107)

  • [Feature] pretalx now adds hints for password managers to make the dual login/registration form easier to navigate. (#1534)

  • [Fixed bug] When setting character limits on text questions, pretalx would count line breaks as two characters. (#1660)

  • [Fixed bug] When rendering email addresses in Markdown, shorter TLDs won out against longer ones (e.g. .co instead of .com, or .ro instead of .rocks). This was already fixed for normal links, just not for email addresses. Until you update to include this fix, you can instead turn emails into a link yourself: [](

  • [Fixed bug] Draft proposals could not be discarded if they included answered questions.

Organiser backend

  • [Feature] Restricted tracks now link to the page where you can create access codes for that track. (#820)

  • [Feature] The organiser area now has a search box located in the side bar, opened after clicking the event name. It searches all events the current user has full access to (that is, not a limited reviewer account) for events, sessions and speakers. (#1672)

  • [Feature] The default page size for paginated pages has been increased to 50.

  • [Feature] Organisers can now upload question options in bulk, which is particularly handy for questions with many options, like country lists.

  • [Feature] Organisers can now add new team members in bulk instead of one by one. (#1619)

  • [Feature] In the CfP settings, a warning will be shown next to the deadline setting if some session types have different deadlines. (#1336)

  • [Feature] Tracks and session types in speaker information notes have a better interface, helpful for events with many of either of them.

  • [Feature] pretalx now warns users when they try to leave a page with unsaved changes. (#1107)

  • [Feature] When creating an event with copied event settings, custom email templates are now included.

  • [Feature] Organisers can now change the pagination size of all list pages, with a choice of 25, 50 or 100.

  • [Feature] Tracks can now be ordered, and the order is used both in drop-down and in the schedule. (#1576)

  • [Fixed bug] Review scores and phases were not copied correctly when copying event settings.

  • [Fixed bug] Answers for URL questions were not included in JSON/CSV exports

Organiser backend: E-Mails

  • [Feature] pretalx now provides two new email placeholders, speaker_schedule_new (all talks changed in the current schedule, like in the notification email generated on schedule release) and speaker_schedule_full (a list of all scheduled sessions for that user). (#1351)

  • [Feature] When you accept a previously rejected proposal (or vice versa), pretalx will warn you if there is a conflicting email waiting in the outbox, to prevent you from accidentally sending both an acceptance and a rejection email. (#1402)

  • [Feature] pretalx will now warn you if you have empty URLs in email templates (which can easily happen with Markdown by accident). (#1350)

  • [Feature] Emails can now be sent both per-speaker and per-proposal, though some placeholders are not available in per-speaker emails (such as the proposal title). (#1244)

  • [Feature] Improved email editor: Placeholders are now listed in the sidebar and inserted on click.

  • [Feature] Organisers can now also send emails to reviewers or other team members. (#1254)

  • [Feature] Email signatures are now also parsed as markdown, so line breaks will show up in HTML email signatures as expected.

  • [Fixed bug] When looking at an email, the sidebar now correctly indicates if it is a sent or queued email (rather than always highlighting the “Outbox” menu entry). (#848)

Organiser backend: Speaker management

  • [Fixed bug] The buttons to mark speakers as arrived would only show up once an event was over.

  • [Fixed bug] An organiser-specific help text on room availability forms would show up for speaker availabilities, too.

Organiser backend: Session management

  • [Fixed bug] The session page drop-down would sometimes include the “public link” even though it was not public yet. This has been fixed, and in the case of accepted or confirmed proposals that don’t have a public page yet (e.g. because they’re not scheduled yet), the link is marked as “public link (not public yet)”. (#1613)

Organiser backend: Review process

  • [Feature] Resources uploaded or linked by speakers are now shown in the review view (unless anonymous reviews are used, as resources can currently not be anonymised). (#1633)

  • [Feature] In order to make large events more manageable, the review dashboard is now by default paginated to 100 sessions per page. The page size can be adjusted up to showing all sessions as before (and the page size is remembered on a per-user basis). (#1675)

  • [Feature] Reviewers can now review all proposals at the same time in bulk, as an alternative to reviewing them one by one.

  • [Feature] Reviewers can now remove their reviews (while they can still be edited). (#1462)

Organiser backend: Scheduling

  • [Feature] A hint now shows when users click the “New break” box, informing them that they have to drag it to the schedule instead. (#1587)

  • [Feature] Breaks now also show their start time and duration in the schedule editor.

  • [Feature] The schedule editor page can now be printed – page breaks can still occur in odd places, but it’s otherwise a very readable schedule (with your selection of rooms).

  • [Fixed bug] Sessions could not be scheduled for midnight via drag’n’drop (though scheduling via the session form still worked as a workaround).

Languages and translations

  • [Feature] pretalx now comes with new translations, in Dutch and Italian!

  • [Fixed bug] When using two variants of the same language in the same event, pretalx would not reliably switch between the two variants.


  • [Feature] Administrators can now see their pretalx version in the admin dashboard. (#1588)

  • [Fixed bug] CSS regeneration of event styles was broken and left events stuck on their last selected colour.

  • [Announcement] Due to its incomplete and complex nature, the import_schedule admin command has been removed. If you want to import a schedule, despite all the complexities, please use the pretalx-downstream plugin instead. (#1678)

Developers and plugins

  • [Feature] Plugins can now inject content into a page’s HTML <head> tag with the pretalx.orga.signals.html_head signal.

  • [Feature] Plugins can now also render nested menu entries in the sidebar navigation.

  • [Feature] Plugins can now declare their category, which is used to group them in the plugin list. Available categories are “Feature”, “Integration”, “Customisation”, “Exporter”, “Recording”, “Language” and “Other”. Plugins without a set category will be grouped as “Other”. If you’re a plugin developer, please update your plugin to declare a category!

2023.1.3 2023-09-16

  • [Fixed bug] Flags for some languages were not being displayed in the organiser area.

2023.1.1 2023-09-16

Organiser backend

  • [Fixed bug] The printable proposal cards showed broken characters for anything outside Latin1. (#1577)

  • [Fixed bug] Reordering questions while some of them were inactive could lead to 404 errors.

Organiser backend: Session management

  • [Fixed bug] pretalx was not able to filter pending state changes from the organiser proposal list.

Organiser backend: Scheduling

  • [Fixed bug] The schedule editor would not show some specific time selectors when people expanded the timeline to see five-minute steps.

Languages and translations

  • [Fixed bug] For users without a pretalx account, their browser’s choice of language took precedence over their own language selection.

  • [Fixed bug] When using non-standard languages, pretalx would only show those languages as available sometimes.

  • [Fixed bug] The schedule editor was not operational with some languages, particularly with different language code versions (e.g. Brazilian versus European Portuguese).


  • [Fixed bug] There was a bug in the pretalx init command, and also too verbose output. (#1579)

2023.1.0 2023-08-30


  • [Feature] pretalx will now locally cache gravatar avatars to avoid GDPR issues when using gravatar. (#399)

  • [Feature] In the emails sent to speakers when their talks change, they will now also receive calendar files for the changed talks. (#699)

  • [Feature] Track descriptions are now shown publicly on the schedule page, in the track filter.

  • [Feature] You can now filter the schedule by proposal track.

  • [Feature] If organisers provide a room description, it is now shown in the room header in the grid schedule.

  • [Feature] Breaks are now also shown on the mobile/minimal/linear schedule.

  • [Feature] On sessions that have both videos and images, videos now show up first, and the overall layout is improved.

  • [Feature] Not so much a feature as a change: Speaker images are now cropped to the centre in the speaker list squares instead of to the top.

  • [Feature] Use speaker profile images as social media preview where possible (does not include gravatar support at the moment).

  • [Feature] Header images are now used as fallback for social media preview images if there’s no logo.

  • [Feature] The schedule widget can now be given a top margin at which to stop the scrolling of its room/day headers.

  • [Feature] If you upload an image to a session, it is now used as a preview image on social media (with a fallback to the conference logo).

  • [Feature] Speaker and talk pages now always use the user’s current locale when formatting dates. (#1272)

  • [Feature] Caching of schedule pages is reset the moment a new schedule version is released, so that integrations (for example with Venueless) that push notifications on new schedule releases will always see the actual new schedule.

  • [Fixed bug] Talks that were scheduled, but not confirmed by the speaker yet would be shown in the public speaker profile. (#1498)

  • [Fixed bug] The schedule widget was not showing up for some locales (particularly Chinese).

  • [Fixed bug] Fix social media preview images sometimes not showing up due to robots.txt constraints.

  • [Fixed bug] Pretalx displayed speaker profile pictures even if profile pictures were not requested in the CfP, if they existed e.g. from past events.

  • [Fixed bug] In some cases, individual talk iCal files could be empty. (#1247)

Call for Papers

  • [Feature] A talk’s duration is now listed on the talk acceptance site to avoid misunderstandings early on. (#889)

  • [Feature] Speaker availabilities are now limited to the sum of all room availabilities. (#1418)

  • [Feature] Speakers (or rather submitters) can now save a proposal as a draft while they are working on finishing the submission process. (#672)

  • [Feature] The state of a proposal is now marked as “in review” on the speaker-facing side once the CfP closes, to make it clearer that there is no action to be taken at that time.

  • [Feature] Following a confirmation link to a proposal you don’t have access to now shows a helpful page prompting you to double-check your account is correct. Anonymous users will be directed to log in first. (#1301)

  • [Feature] If a submission type has a duration of 0 minutes, its duration won’t be shown.

  • [Feature] If you try to upload files that are larger than the upload limit, pretalx will now warn you before you even attempt the upload.

  • [Feature] There are new question types: You can now ask for a URL, a date, or a date and a time (and you can set allowed ranges for the latter two).

  • [Feature] Organisers can now configure not just field help texts, but also field titles/labels.

  • [Fixed bug] pretalx now shows the actual file upload limit to users uploading resources rather than a slightly too-large one. (#1363)

  • [Fixed bug] Events with per-submission-type questions sometimes saw empty questions pages in the CfP flow.

  • [Fixed bug] Availability times provided while confirming a proposal were not saved. (#1307)

  • [Fixed bug] On new events, questions could not be limited by track (because the field was hidden, due to legacy migrations).

  • [Fixed bug] In some situations, it was impossible to delete uploaded files in question answers.

Organiser backend

  • [Feature] The list of team members is now always sorted by name. (#1440)

  • [Feature] Image previews (e.g. for event logos) now handle transparency by adding a chequered background, so even the white logo fans can still see their images. (#1061)

  • [Feature] The featured talks page is now linked in the corresponding setting, making it easier for organisers to find. (#963)

  • [Feature] You can’t accidentally remove all permissions from a team anymore.

  • [Feature] Teams are now sorted by the date of their accessible events, making it easier to manage organisers with many event-specific teams.

  • [Feature] You can now, finally!, use SVGs as event logo and event header images.

  • [Feature] The custom CSV and JSON exports are now the new default on the export pages, since they’re more useful to the average user.

  • [Feature] Added a way to quickly check or uncheck all the possible export fields in the export form.

  • [Feature] The rendering speed of all backend pages has been improved.

  • [Feature] Reviewer team settings (like track assignments) are now on the same page as the general team settings, and will be shown only if the team is currently a reviewer team.

  • [Fixed bug] The statistics page had an off-by-one problem with the timeline, where every date was shown as one day earlier.

  • [Fixed bug] On the event dashboard, reviews of deleted proposals were included in the review count tile.

  • [Fixed bug] Some browsers cached hidden fields in forms extremely aggressively, so pretalx has stopped relying on them as much. (#1284)

  • [Fixed bug] It was possible to change teams so that they had access to no events – neither via the explicit list, nor via the “all events” flag, which was extremely confusing. (#1260)

  • [Fixed bug] The organiser dashboard included deleted proposals in the count on the event overview. (#1259)

  • [Fixed bug] Some tables were not responsive on mobile devices, particularly in the organiser area.

Organiser backend: E-Mails

  • [Feature] In the email outbox, pretalx now shows if a pending email comes from a known template, e.g. if it is an accept or reject email.

  • [Feature] To improve email template handling, the list of emails now shows just the subjects or use case, and you can click them to expand and see the details.

  • [Feature] Email placeholders now explain their use when you hover over them.

  • [Feature] New email placeholder: {all_reviews} allows you to send all review texts (though not scores!) to submitters.

  • [Fixed bug] The reject email template was missing on the template list.

  • [Fixed bug] The talk start time, when rendered in email templates, was always in UTC instead of local time. (#1258)

  • [Fixed bug] The email editor started to require all languages to be filled in, instead of at least one language. This was unintended, the previous behaviour has been restored. (#1257)

  • [Fixed bug] Removed incorrect link to email editor from speaker pages. (#1244)

Organiser backend: Speaker management

  • [Feature] Organiser pages for speakers now use their alphanumeric code identifier in the URL rather than the numeric ID, matching the public and API pages.

  • [Feature] You can now turn off co-speakers – organisers can still assign additional speakers, but speakers themselves will not be asked for additional speakers. (#819)

  • [Feature] Automatic confirmation emails of received proposals are now also shown in the list of a user’s emails, since the absence was confusing for organisers and speakers. (#1261)

  • [Fixed bug] Reminders about unanswered questions were always sent in the event language, instead of the user’s/speaker’s chosen language.

Organiser backend: Session management

  • [Feature] The submission type and track lists now include links to the filtered list of proposals. (#1347)

  • [Feature] New anonymisation indicator in proposal list.

  • [Feature] Our longest-standing feature request has finally been closed: You can now set the possible proposal/content languages independently from the available UI languages. (#392)

  • [Feature] You can now exclude proposals with pending state changes from your search results.

  • [Feature] Proposal attachments can be included in exports now.

  • [Feature] Markdown preview is now also available for organisers when they edit existing proposals.

  • [Feature] You can now remove a pending state be re-selecting the current state of a proposal.

  • [Fixed bug] Deleting a proposal from its detail view would lead to a 404 page (because pretalx tried to redirect you back to the original page, which was now unavailable). (#1278)

  • [Fixed bug] Fixed a bug where trying to filter by answers to a multiple choice question would not work.

Organiser backend: Review process

  • [Feature] pretalx always showed the anonymised version of proposals if there was one. Now it reverts to the non-anonymised one once the anonymisation period is over.

  • [Feature] The review dashboard can now be filtered by question answers, just like the submission list.

  • [Feature] Reviewers will see a tick next to talks they have submitted, so they won’t appear like things they should review. (#1185)

  • [Feature] In the review dashboards, users can now remove and add columns, including the track, session duration and shorter questions.

  • [Feature] If you limit reviewer teams to specific tracks, they won’t be able to see speaker profiles from outside their track(s) anymore.

  • [Feature] Organisers can now assign reviewers to proposals in bulk, by uploading a JSON file.

  • [Feature] When you sort the review dashboard by number of reviews, it will now only use real reviews, not abstentions. The number of reviews including abstentions will be shown in parentheses.

  • [Feature] Organisers can configure how the review score should be displayed to reviewers: only explanation, only score, explanation first, score first.

  • [Feature] Instead of being restricted to puny ranges of 0-99 with one decimal place, review scores can now range up to 10,000 and have two decimal places, for all your > 9000 review scoring needs.

  • [Feature] You can now export reviews in CSV or JSON formats, just like proposals, sessions and speakers.

  • [Feature] Reviewers can now be assigned to proposals directly. Depending on your settings, reviewers can only see their assigned proposals, or will just see them highlighted. (#619)

  • [Feature] Review forms can now be sent with ctrl+enter for a smoother review workflow. (#1184)

  • [Fixed bug] Review pages were not working when pretalx was run with Python 3.7 and the aggregation method “mean” (as opposed to “median”).

  • [Fixed bug] On the review form, mandatory fields no longer are marked as “optional”.

  • [Fixed bug] Proposal answers now appear always in the original order for reviewers.

  • [Fixed bug] The track filter was missing on the review dashboard page.

  • [Fixed bug] Review scores were not copied when choosing a previous event to copy to a new event. (#1253)

Organiser backend: Scheduling

  • [Feature] Completely rewrote the schedule editor, making it look like the actual schedule, and added some powerful features like hiding rooms, easy duration changes, and more.

  • [Feature] Schedule release warnings are now more actionable, by linking to more problematic proposals directly, or to a page listing all affected proposals for less complex warnings.

  • [Feature] The performance of the schedule editor and release pages was improved for large events.

  • [Feature] Schedule pages showing the WIP schedule to organisers are not cached anymore, so all changes show up immediately.

  • [Feature] When you change an event’s timezone, all talks will now be moved to appear at the same local time. (#766)

  • [Fixed bug] pretalx sometimes mysteriously creates two new schedules when releasing one, and then is in a confused and broken state until an administrator intervenes. Now pretalx can fix the situation on its own (though we still do not know how this ever happens). (#515)

  • [Fixed bug] Fixed a bug where the time travelling option in the schedule editor was unreliable.

  • [Fixed bug] pretalx only recognised overlapping scheduled talks for a speaker when they did not start or end at the exact same time. (#1266)

  • [Fixed bug] Sometimes, breaks were shown oddly in the schedule editor, with incorrect start or end times.

  • [Fixed bug] It was possible to set a talk’s end time before its start time. (#1248)


  • [Feature] Added the tag_ids attribute in the proposal API for organisers.

  • [Feature] The submission API now includes IDs for submission types, tracks and rooms, rather than just references by name.

  • [Feature] Breaking API change: The submissions, talks and speakers API endpoints do not include all question answers the user has access to by default anymore, due to performance considerations. You can restore the old behaviour with ?questions=all, or ?questions=id,id to show selected answers instead.

  • [Feature] The schedule API now also includes breaks.

  • [Feature] Organisers can see speaker email addresses in embedded API paths.

  • [Fixed bug] The schedule API did not work to retrieve historical schedule versions when the schedule version included a dot, as it often does.


  • [Feature] The pretalx init command now has a --no-input flag for all your automation needs.

  • [Feature] Administrators can now change event short names in the frontend rather than having to dig into the database.

  • [Fixed bug] There was a very rare bug that could lock up pretalx instances due to a race condition in the review process, and required manual admin intervention to get fixed. (#1098)

  • [Fixed bug] Fixed a rare race condition, where on schedule release, two new WIP schedules were created, leading to persistent errors on some event pages. (#1281)

  • [Announcement] pretalx no longer logs 404 responses, as you can get those equally from your web server logs.

  • [Announcement] Due to database versions going EOL, please make sure to use PostgreSQL 12+, MySQL 8+, MariaDB 10.4+, or SQLite 3.21.

  • [Announcement] As Python 3.6 and 3.7 are now EOL, and we are using new Python features, pretalx supports Python versions 3.9+.

  • [Announcement] Document that in nginx, gzip should be turned on only for static files.

  • [Announcement] Note to administrators of self-hosted instances: documentation for installation and upgrades now recommends that you use pip install --upgrade-strategy eager to make sure you get non-pinned updates.

  • [Announcement] With the new move_event command, you can move events to the current day (default) or any other date, like this: move_event --event <event_name> --date 2021-12-26

Developers and plugins

  • [Feature] Two new signals: agenda.html_above_session_pages and agenda.html_below_session_pages allow plugins to add custom text to the public schedule session pages.

2.3.1 2021-12-26

Organiser backend: Session management

  • [Feature] The new pending state feature is now available in custom JSON and CSV exports.

Organiser backend: Scheduling

  • [Fixed bug] Fix bug in setting proposal start times. (#1243)

2.3.0 2021-12-24


  • [Feature] Pretalx now remembers the timezone you have selected on the schedule page across reloads.

  • [Feature] Schedules have better scroll behaviour on very wide and very narrow displays.

  • [Feature] Organisers can now disable audience feedback. (#1171)

  • [Feature] You can now link to specific days on the schedule again, as with our old schedule. The link is generated when you click the tabs leading to specific days. (#1163)

  • [Feature] If you attach ?lang=en to a request, pretalx will serve the page in the requested language (if active in the current event).

  • [Feature] On session detail pages, the event timezone is now noted next to the time.

  • [Fixed bug] Session detail pages did not use the full width of the page.

Call for Papers

  • [Feature] If you run a multi-lingual event, you don’t have to request the content locale in your CfP anymore.

  • [Feature] Organisers can now disable the optional inclusion of gravatar images.

Organiser backend

  • [Feature] Plugin selection is now available for all organisers, not just administrators.

  • [Fixed bug] When adding a new organisers to a team, email suggestions from known users did not work. (#1157)

Organiser backend: E-Mails

  • [Feature] Email signatures now look a lot better in HTML emails

  • [Feature] pretalx finally supports sending of emails based on templates, with a full template placeholder system. Hello, {name}! (#412)

  • [Feature] Email filters are now subtractive instead of additive, giving you more fine-grained control about your bulk emails. (#715)

  • [Fixed bug] Fixed an issue when rendering individual session times in emails.

  • [Fixed bug] pretalx now does not allow you to test your custom SMTP settings until you have actually configured them. (#1150)

Organiser backend: Session management

  • [Feature] Thanks to the new “pending state” feature, organisers and reviewers can mark proposals as accepted/rejected without letting speakers see the decision yet. (#667)

  • [Fixed bug] When adding a new speaker to a proposal, pretalx would suggest organiser accounts rather than speaker accounts. (#1157)

Organiser backend: Review process

  • [Feature] Tags are now shown in the reviewer dashboard and can be filtered for.

  • [Feature] Improved the tagging interface to be still useful with a large number of tags. (#976)

  • [Feature] Anonymisation for reviewers can now be switched on on a team level, overriding the general event settings.

  • [Fixed bug] Fixed a bug where abstaining during the review process was not possible while review scores were mandatory.

Organiser backend: Scheduling

  • [Feature] The schedule editor now polls changes, so if somebody else changes the schedule while you’re editing it, you will see the changes soon afterwards.

  • [Feature] Pretalx will now highlight overlapping sessions on the schedule editor, and will also warn you before you release a new schedule if sessions overlap in the same room.

  • [Feature] You can now change a session’s room and time in the session form, allowing for minute-level accuracy instead of our usual 5-minute intervals. (#933)

  • [Feature] As a reminder, the event timezone will be shown at the top of the schedule editor page.

  • [Fixed bug] When you clicked a talk in the schedule editor, it would open in a new window, but also stay in dragging mode in the editor page.


  • [Feature] You can filter submissions by multiple states in the API now. (#1232)

Languages and translations

  • [Feature] pretalx now comes with new translations, in Arabic, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese!


  • [Feature] Media files are now excluded from crawlers via robots.txt.

  • [Announcement] When updating, please take care to update your plugins, as some interfaces have changed. Plugin authors, please refer to PR 1230 to see changed settings access.

Developers and plugins

  • [Feature] Plugin languages can now be either globally available or only for active events – plugin developers, please adjust your plugins!

  • [Feature] Plugins can now perform actions on every schedule release (for example, to trigger an update in external consumers to avoid polling).

  • [Feature] There is a new plugin hook that allows you to perform actions when a new schedule is released.

2.2.0 2021-08-15


  • [Feature] To improve performance, the NoJS schedule is now located on a separate page.

  • [Feature] Event header images are now scaled down to a height of 150px. (#1082)

  • [Feature] pretalx has better rendering for multi-line code blocks (\`\`\`) in markdown elements and supports code highlighting.

  • [Feature] The talk feedback page is now available once a talk has started, not once it is over. (#1036)

  • [Fixed bug] The display of external videos in pretalx was broken due to a security header being set too strictly.

  • [Fixed bug] Sessions without speakers were displayed weirdly in the “featured sessions” page.

  • [Fixed bug] The display of large talk images was off, extending them too far to the right.

  • [Fixed bug] The HTML export did not work with the new schedule page.

Call for Papers

  • [Feature] You can freeze a question after a certain date, prohibiting users from changing their answers after the deadline. (#1069)

  • [Feature] You can now attach deadlines to questions, making them optional before the deadline and mandatory afterwards. (#1069)

  • [Feature] The availability widget now shows day names in your locale instead of always using English.

  • [Feature] pretalx will resize uploaded images down to 1920x1080 (by default).

  • [Feature] pretalx now removes EXIF metadata from all uploaded images.

  • [Fixed bug] In the CfP editor, when a step description was only given in a language that was not currently active, you could not change it any longer.

  • [Fixed bug] When your default submission type had a deadline prior to the event-wide deadline, the CfP form would not accept new proposals past the earlier deadline.

  • [Fixed bug] If you used links to fill in parts of the CfP form, you sometimes could not get part the first page. (#1023)

Organiser backend

  • [Feature] If you use custom domains, pretalx will automatically redirect the domain to the most recent event that uses this domain. This also means that you can configure multiple events with the same custom domain!

  • [Feature] Organisers can now create custom proposal and speaker exports (as either CSV or JSON), including any data they need. (#313)

  • [Feature] Added a password reset link to the page where you accept invitations to organiser teams. (#1048)

  • [Fixed bug] The statistics page did not work for events with just a single submission type.

Organiser backend: E-Mails

  • [Feature] To prevent emails getting recorded as spam, the custom sender address is now only used when you are using a custom email server. You can still set the reply-to address.

  • [Feature] In addition to sending either all emails or a single email, organisers can now also send only the currently selected emails. This is particularly helpful with an email provider (cough google) who starts rejecting emails when bulk-sending, halfway through your sending process.

  • [Fixed bug] pretalx would send multiple emails for proposals with multiple speakers. (#1111)

  • [Fixed bug] pretalx sometimes over-reported the number of emails generated when bulk-sending emails. (#1093)

Organiser backend: Speaker management

  • [Feature] You can now search speakers by specific given answers, as you could already search proposals and sessions.

  • [Feature] Speaker information will now be copied when cloning an event.

  • [Feature] Speaker information can now be created for specific tracks or proposal types.

Organiser backend: Session management

  • [Feature] You can now get a list of proposals or speakers that are still missing the answer to a given question. (#1092)

  • [Feature] The review statistics timeline chart now includes the total submitted proposals to the given date, in addition to the proposals submitted on the given date. (#1047)

  • [Fixed bug] When you created a session as organiser, you could choose a content language that was not supposed to be available in the active event.

  • [Fixed bug] The tag creation page is now hidden for users who don’t have permission to create tags. (#1049)

Organiser backend: Review process

  • [Feature] You can now choose if you want to compare the median of review scores or the average/mean. (#656)

  • [Feature] You can mark review score categories as independent. They won’t be part of the total calculation, and instead show up as their own column in the review dashboard.

  • [Feature] In the review dashboard, you can now filter the list of proposals by how many reviews they have.

  • [Fixed bug] Not all existing review scores were recalculated when review score weights were changed during a review phase.

  • [Fixed bug] Reviewers without further permissions could not create tags, even when they had the necessary permissions. (#1049)

  • [Fixed bug] Improved review interface so that long or complex scores don’t break the interface when editing an existing review.

Organiser backend: Scheduling

  • [Feature] You can now filter talks by track and type in the schedule editor. (#735)

  • [Feature] Room availabilities are now more fine-grained, you can set them on a 15-minute basis instead of 30-minutes as before.

  • [Fixed bug] pretalx would sometimes show unnecessary warnings in the talk editor when talks were scheduled across day breaks. (#1087)

  • [Fixed bug] A bug led to the first schedule release of every event being empty, sometimes, since all talks were treated as unconfirmed.


  • [Feature] With the anon query parameter, you can request anonymised proposal data from the API, even when you have permission to see the full data.

  • [Feature] Tags are now exposed in the API.

  • [Fixed bug] In the submission API view, the end time of a slot was sometimes empty.

  • [Fixed bug] The API would return errors in some edge cases when used by unauthenticated users.


  • [Feature] pretalx will no longer send emails to localhost addresses, as those are used for deleted users. Please get in touch if this is a problem for you.

  • [Feature] If you run pretalx with --no-pretalx-information, it will not print the pretalx information header.

  • [Feature] You can now use the --silent flag with the regenerate_css command to reduce build verbosity.

  • [Announcement] If you use PostgreSQL, please make sure to be on at least PostgreSQL 10.

Developers and plugins

  • [Feature] On self-hosted pretalx instances, you can now configure pretalx to include additional CSP headers, especially of interest for plugin developers. (#1143)

  • [Feature] The event activation signal can now return a string to be shown as success message.

2.1.0 2021-01-16


  • [Feature] The pretalx schedule now always shows the event timezone (and allows users to switch to their local timezone, if it’s different).

Organiser backend: Session management

  • [Fixed bug] pretalx would sometimes throw an error when you tried to create a proposal as an organiser without giving the speaker a name.

Organiser backend: Scheduling

  • [Feature] When organisers create a proposal or session in the backend, they can now schedule it directly on the creation page, instead of having to set the proposal to “accepted” and then move it in the interactive schedule editor. (#738)


  • [Fixed bug] pretalx shipped an incorrect override settings file that broke email sending. (#1046)

2.0.0 2020-12-24


  • [Feature] Instead of being unsorted as before, the list of talks on the schedule page is now sorted alphabetically. (#934)

  • [Feature] Organisers can now choose how to display their schedule. Currently, the only two options are the previous grid display, or a list with talks and times.

  • [Announcement] Pretalx has a new schedule, with a new widget. The old widget is deprecated and will be removed in the next release. Please migrate all of your widgets to the new widget code. You can generate it in your event’s settings.

Call for Papers

  • [Feature] pretalx now limits file uploads to 10MB.

  • [Feature] Tracks now have a description attached to them which is shown to the user in the CfP, if specified. This can be used to further explain an otherwise very short track name. (#915)

  • [Feature] Questions can now be limited by submission type.

  • [Feature] The help text for questions can now be 800 characters long instead of 200.

  • [Fixed bug] It was not possible to hide a submission type unless accessed with an access token. (Or, well, it was possible, but the possibility was hidden.)

  • [Fixed bug] The frontend markdown preview would not render all line breaks as line breaks (only two line breaks in a row), but the server rendered version did. (#877)

Organiser backend

  • [Feature] pretalx now shows the complete history of logged changes to organisers.

  • [Feature] pretalx now prevents you from creating multiple tracks or submission types with the same name. (#907)

  • [Feature] If you go to a login page while you are logged in (e.g. because it was still open in another tab), you are now redirected instead of being prompted to log in.

  • [Feature] Now, event organisers can activate and deactivate plugins for their events. Previously this was restricted to administrators.

  • [Feature] The submission statistics now ignore deleted submissions. (#880)

  • [Feature] If you create a new event and copy an old event’s configuration, pretalx will now also copy tracks and questions. (#873)

  • [Fixed bug] The link to the team settings on the review settings page was incorrect. (#951)

  • [Fixed bug] When updating the settings for an event with a custom domain, pretalx would mistakenly show an error message that this domain was already in use for another event.

Organiser backend: E-Mails

  • [Feature] When you send out reminders about unanswered questions, you can now target specific questions, or tracks, or submission types.

  • [Feature] Schedule notifications for speakers are now properly connected to the speaker accounts, instead of just referencing them by email addresses.

  • [Fixed bug] Using custom mail servers worked, but testing the connection in the settings page showed an error (incorrectly).

  • [Fixed bug] If incorrect variables were used in the schedule update email template, pretalx did not catch this mistake ahead of time, and instead just refused to release a new schedule. (#863)

Organiser backend: Speaker management

  • [Feature] The filtered list of speakers in the organiser area now contains only people with confirmed or accepted talks, and is also better at showing the filter currently applied. (#855)

Organiser backend: Session management

  • [Feature] You can now filter the submission list by specific question answers. (#882)

  • [Feature] People without edit or delete permissions are not shown the edit or delete buttons on submissions anymore.

Organiser backend: Review process

  • [Feature] Reviewers can now tag reviews while reviewing, and later filter for those tags.

  • [Feature] Reviewers can now be asked to rate a proposal in several categories, with a total score calculated automatically.

  • [Feature] In addition to anonymising proposals, you can now also anonymise reviewers towards other reviewers.

  • [Feature] Questions that are visible to reviewers now also show up on the review page, to avoid having to switch to the full submission view in the review process.

  • [Feature] Organisers can now anonymise submission content for reviewers, if they choose to do anonymised reviews. They can redact or edit any part of the submission for the reviewers’ view of it to remove identifying information.

  • [Feature] Review scores are now consistently shown as numbers, and the text representation/meaning of those numbers is shown on hover.

  • [Feature] Reviewers can now see both their own score and the median score in the review dashboard.

  • [Fixed bug] In some settings combinations, reviewers were unable to change or even see their own reviews after submitting them. (#923)

  • [Fixed bug] Firefox has a bug in their form caching. If you reviewed a submission, clicked “Save and next”, then went back and reloaded the page, Firefox would incorrectly fill your review form with the choice one point worse than your original selection. If you then chose “Save and next” again, this value would be saved.

  • [Announcement] The essentially unused override score feature has been removed.

Organiser backend: Scheduling

  • [Feature] In the schedule editor, you can now search for talks by speaker name. (#979)

  • [Feature] Organisers can now leave a public comment when they release a new schedule. It will be visible in the changelog and the schedule RSS feed. (#772)

  • [Feature] If you move your event dates, the schedule is moved too, and you can send notifications to your speakers by releasing a new schedule version.


  • [Feature] There are two new API endpoints, /questions/ and /answers/, that incidentally are our first writable API endpoints. The API docs have been updated.

  • [Feature] If a speaker has selected to show their gravatar, it is now also exposed in the API in the avatar field.

  • [Feature] In the API, the event list is now sorted so that the oldest event comes last, not first as it was before.

  • [Fixed bug] Reviewers had access to question answers that were not explicitly visible to reviewers by way of the API. (#928)

  • [Fixed bug] The submission API returned a duration in formatted time, like “00:30”, but the API documentation claimed it was a number of minutes. pretalx now returns the number of minutes as promised. (#936)

Languages and translations

  • [Feature] In all exporters, you can now select the export language with the ?lang= query parameter. If you don’t supply the parameter, pretalx will continue to guess your locale as before. If you provide the parameter without a value, the default event locale will be used. (#947)

  • [Feature] If your event has only a single language configured, pretalx won’t show the language flag in the input fields anymore.

  • [Feature] pretalx now comes with an updated French translation, and a brand new Chinese community translation!

  • [Fixed bug] Internationalised strings were not always shown as such in the API, sometimes they were instead returned as plain strings. (#945)

  • [Announcement] To make translation contributions more accessible, you can now improve translations (or add new ones!) at


  • [Feature] A lot of minor UI improvements, a re-work of the colours and fonts in use, as well as improvements of mobile and responsive pages.


  • [Feature] Email error reporting (sent to instance administrators) now includes a short explanation and a link to the pretalx issue tracker.

  • [Feature] pretalx will no longer make alarmist noises about missing migrations.

  • [Feature] Redirects to an event domain now include CORS headers to permit access from any client, to make pretalx integration in other websites easier.

  • [Feature] Administrators can now configure static and media files to be under different URLs than static and media. (#830)

  • [Fixed bug] Under specific circumstances, the django_sessions table could bloat a lot. This is fixed with the next release and the table will shrink over time as long as you regularly run the clearsessions command.

  • [Announcement] Remember to check your access logs before upgrading to v2.1 to warn users about failing widgets.

  • [Announcement] This version of pretalx has higher database version requirements. We now support PostgreSQL 9.6+, MariaDB 10.1+, MySQL 5.6+, and SQLite 3.8.3+.

Developers and plugins

  • [Feature] Exporters can now supply the CORS header they want to send. All exporters provided by pretalx directly now allow access from all origins by default.

  • [Feature] Plugin developers can now add content to the HTML head area with the new pretalx.cfp.signals.html_head signal.

  • [Feature] The test event creation command now allows you to specify the event slug. This allows you to generate multiple test events in various event stages.

  • [Feature] The new signal pretalx.common.signals.activitylog_display allows plugins to change how entries in the pretalx activity log are displayed.

  • [Feature] The new signal pretalx.orga.signals.event_copy_data allows plugins to transfer data from one event to the next at event creation time.

  • [Fixed bug] A bug in our permission checks made pretalx unable to run on Windows.

  • [Announcement] If you have a plugin that listens to the footer_link signal, please change it so that it returns a list of dictionaries instead of a single dictionary. The dictionary-only return value is deprecated and support will be removed in a future pretalx version.

1.1.2 2020-01-10

  • [Fixed bug] If a CfP requested the submitters’ availability at submission time, only logged-in users could successfully finish the submission workflow.

1.1.1 2020-01-10

Call for Papers

  • [Fixed bug] Not all CfP form help text parts were translated.

Organiser backend: Session management

  • [Fixed bug] The list of all submission feedback given in a single event was only usable for people with administrator permissions.


  • [Fixed bug] The 1.1.0 release was only installable via git (either by way of pip URLs or a full checkout), not by pip on its own. (#844)

1.1.0 2019-12-21


  • [Feature] To reduce scroll wheel abrasions, pretalx schedules are now tabbed with one tab per event day.

  • [Feature] pretalx has learned what breaks are. Organisers can create those in the schedule editor, and they will be shown in an appropriately muted way in the schedule. (#242)

  • [Feature] If you want to display your schedule on your own homepage, pretalx now offers you a schedule widget. You can generate the code for the widget in your organiser settings.

  • [Fixed bug] Deleted talks could still be shown with their previous title and speaker. Now they are always replaced with a box saying “[deleted]” with no further information. (#828)

Call for Papers

  • [Feature] Questions of the type “choose one from a list” are now shown as a list of radio input options instead of a single drop-down, if there are three or less options to choose from. (#814)

  • [Feature] Organisers can create access tokens that allow users to submit after the CfP deadline, or that give access to hidden tracks or submission types. (#324)

  • [Fixed bug] pretalx would show an error when users were asked to select their submission’s track during the CfP workflow.

Organiser backend

  • [Feature] pretalx now comes with a CfP editor that allows you to change the headline, text, and help texts on each of the CfP step pages. (#648)

Organiser backend: E-Mails

  • [Feature] Organisers can now send emails to all speakers who have not uploaded slides/files for their talk yet. (#432)

Organiser backend: Session management

  • [Feature] There is now a page that shows all feedback by attendees for any talk in the conference. (#794)

  • [Feature] There is now a CSV export for answered questions. (#792)

  • [Feature] The submission type list and the track list now list the numbers of submissions per entry.

Organiser backend: Review process

  • [Feature] You can now determine if the answers to talk questions should be visible to reviewers. This allows you to ask personal questions of your submitters, even when you are running an anonymous review process. (#638)

Organiser backend: Scheduling

  • [Feature] The static HTML export will now be triggered when talk or speaker data is changed (as long as it’s also generated on schedule release). To protect against high server load, it will still run at most once every hour. (#277)

  • [Fixed bug] Reducing the slot count of a submission where all slots had been scheduled would not remove spare slots. (#816)


  • [Feature] Speakers can now see and reset their API token in their profile page. (#760)


  • [Feature] pretalx now comes with an update check, which will notify you when new pretalx or plugin versions are available. This check sends anonymous data to the server, which is run by the pretalx developer. The data consist of a random but stable ID, the number of total and public events, and the version of pretalx and all installed plugins. No identifying information will be retained, and there is a visible and persistent opt-out warning until acknowledged by an administrator.

  • [Feature] File attachments generated from user data are now generated to be in safe ASCII range, to avoid trouble with Unicode-sensitive gunicorn versions. (#841)

  • [Feature] pretalx now has pretty error pages for CSRF fails and 400 errors. Test error pages are located at /400, /403, /404, /500, and /403/csrf.

  • [Fixed bug] One broken task among the periodically executed task would prevent others from being executed.

  • [Announcement] We documented the implicit requirement that the filesystem pretalx accesses should work with non-ASCII file names. Please check the installation documentation if you want to make sure this is the case for you.

Developers and plugins

  • [Feature] Plugins can now add content to the top of the user profile pages and the user-private submission lists.

  • [Feature] Plugins can now implement the uninstalled method to perform actions when a user deactivates them for an event.

  • [Feature] pretalx has the new management command create_test_event, which creates a demo event in a stage of your choice (cfp, review, schedule or over). All user accounts are created with email addresses.

  • [Feature] If pretalx encounters an error it can’t recover from, the error page now shows a link to a partially filled GitHub issue.

  • [Announcement] We have added a couple of pages to the pretalx wiki on GitHub, most importantly a list of events using pretalx, and a list of available plugins. The wiki is world-writable, so please add to it if you have an event or plugin that has not been mentioned yet!

1.0.4 2019-10-15


  • [Feature] Answers to boolean questions are not displayed as “yes”, “no”, and “maybe” in public display, instead of “true” or “false”.

  • [Feature] The main schedule page now returns a 303 See Also redirect if accessed with JSON or XML accept headers.

  • [Feature] If no schedule has been published but a sneak peek is available, the schedule page now redirects to the sneak peek page. (#743)

  • [Fixed bug] In feedback pages for talks that contained multiple speakers, the email addresses of those speakers were shown next to their names.

  • [Fixed bug] On the sneak peek preview page, markdown was not rendered correctly to HTML.

Call for Papers

  • [Feature] Show speakers how many feedback notes have been left (if any) in their personal submission list view.

  • [Feature] Organisers can now disable/remove the profile picture input field if they don’t want any speaker pictures at all.

  • [Feature] The time(s), date(s) and location(s) of scheduled talks were added to the private speaker pages of those talks, making it easier for speakers to find out when and where their talk is taking place.

  • [Feature] Organisers can now set a minimum or maximum length for submission titles. (#742)

  • [Feature] The pretalx markdown display now supports markdown tables.

Organiser backend

  • [Feature] Allow users to add an imprint URL that will be shown at the bottom of every public event page.

  • [Feature] The event creation assistant now suggests more sensible event slugs.

Organiser backend: Scheduling

  • [Feature] Due to the powerful and hard-to-specify nature of the schedule HTML import, the frontend facing schedule XML import has been removed. Administrators can still import schedule files with the import_schedule command.

  • [Fixed bug] When a speaker withdrew their already-accepted talk, the talk slot was not removed from the schedule editor. It did work when setting the state via the organiser interface. (#775)


  • [Feature] Provide the file uploads a speaker added to their submission via the /talks and /submissions API endpoint. (#787)

  • [Feature] Speaker and talk detail pages now contain links to their respective API detail pages as alternate links.

  • [Feature] The API is now also available as an HTML browsable API. Filters and searches should be working as well as just browsing around.

  • [Feature] The events API endpoint now comes with a field exposing links to the schedule page, and the login page, among other things.

  • [Fixed bug] The API endpoint for events always returned a 404 on the detail view, even when event was visible in the list view. (#774)

  • [Fixed bug] In the /talks and /submissions endpoints, speaker biographies were not exposed. They were available in the /speakers endpoint as expected, so if you cannot currently upgrade, please be advised to use that endpoint. (#773)

  • [Fixed bug] Reviews could be returned multiple times in the reviews API endpoint (though the total count returned was correct). (#754)

Developers and plugins

  • [Feature] If pretalx is running in development mode, its favicon will be red.

  • [Feature] Plugin authors will now have access to all configuration sections starting with [plugin:*], to ease the integration of system level settings.

1.0.3 2019-06-27


  • [Feature] Organisers can now also see unconfirmed talks in their preview of the public schedule page. The unconfirmed talks are clearly marked to avoid confusion.

  • [Fixed bug] The talk page of talks with multiple slots did not work and threw an error instead. (#730)

Call for Papers

  • [Feature] Users can now see (and potentially edit) their submission’s submission type. (#731)

Organiser backend

  • [Fixed bug] The “Invite reviewers” link on the main event dashboard led to an incorrect page. (#728)

  • [Fixed bug] Some custom domains could not be set via the frontend.

Organiser backend: E-Mails

  • [Feature] Organisers can now regenerate the accept/reject emails from the review dashboard context menu. (#475)

Organiser backend: Scheduling

  • [Fixed bug] The “unscheduled talks” column in the schedule editor could overlap with the room columns on events with many rooms. (#729)


  • [Feature] Speaker availability is now included in the API for organisers. (#732)


  • [Announcement] To keep in line with our new database scoping, if you access the pretalx shell, you are now advised to use the shell_scoped command instead of the shell command, and call it with the flags for your event, like --event__slug=my-event (or an --override flag to access all events).

1.0.2 2019-06-07

Organiser backend: E-Mails

  • [Fixed bug] Organisers were able to see all emails sent to a user in their events, instead of only emails sent for the currently active event. This is a data leak. You can find more information on our blog.


  • [Feature] We now add a hash to all uploaded file names to avoid collisions.

1.0.1 2019-06-03

Call for Papers

  • [Fixed bug] In the submission process, file upload questions would not be saved correctly. (#719)

Organiser backend: Scheduling

  • [Fixed bug] The sneak peek toggle in the submission list did not actually work due to a changed URL. (#713)


  • [Fixed bug] Regular installation from PyPI was broken due to an incorrect file reference. (#718)

1.0.0 2019-06-02


  • [Feature] When using a command line client to access a schedule page, pretalx will now output ASCII tables or lists, depending on the format parameter.

  • [Feature] At the undocumented URL /<event>/speaker/by-id/123/ there is now a redirect to the canonical speaker URL /<event>/speaker/CODE/ to work around export format restrictions. (#641)

  • [Feature] pretalx will now display the schedule wider the more rooms are present, starting at four rooms and reaching maximum browser width for six rooms, to make schedules look less cramped and more readable. (#637)

  • [Feature] Submissions can now be scheduled multiple times, e.g. if a workshop will be held twice. (#570)

  • [Feature] Exporters can now opt in to show a QR code to their location. The XML and iCal exporters show a QR code linking their location by default. (#62)

  • [Feature] Organisers can now choose question answers by speakers to be published on the talk/speaker pages. This setting cannot be changed on once the question has been answered, to make sure that speakers are informed about this. (#403)

  • [Feature] You can set the URL of your static HTML export, if you’re using one, and it will be used when generating absolute URLs, e.g. in exports or emails.

  • [Fixed bug] The visual representation of a speaker’s avatar is now consistent across all image-sizes and bio-texts.

  • [Fixed bug] The iCal export for speakers who had both scheduled and not-yet-scheduled talks was broken.

Call for Papers

  • [Feature] Organisers can now permit users to submit (and change) their own talk duration length. (#427)

  • [Feature] Submitters can now choose to withdraw their talk even if it was accepted. When an accepted talk is withdrawn, the organisers will receive a notification email. (#700)

  • [Feature] Fields with markdown support now come with a preview next to the input field (if JavaScript is enabled). (#402)

  • [Feature] Fill CfP form with track and submission type if they are available in the query string. (#628)

  • [Feature] Speakers can’t invite other speakers any longer after the CfP is over. (#620)

  • [Feature] Speakers can now invite a co-speaker while in the submission process. (#364)

  • [Feature] For later reference, the full submission is included in the confirmation mail sent to the speaker. (#563)

  • [Feature] If you use tracks, you can now choose to make questions available only to submissions on certain tracks. (#523)

  • [Feature] You can now decide if text lengths should be counted in words or in characters when restricting how long they should be. (#577)

  • [Fixed bug] When using the back button to return to the previous step in the submission workflow, the data from the current step had to be filled in to use the button, but was not saved. Now it will be saved, and the progress bar on top can be used for lossy (but quick) navigation to the previous step. (#565)

  • [Fixed bug] On slow network connections, the login step of the CfP submission loaded in a sub-optimal way, leaving users with a seemingly finished page but without the login/registration form. As a consequence, all page loads (but especially that one) were optimised. (#646)

  • [Fixed bug] Having only one submission type in the event showed a drop-down with submission types from ALL events, instead of hiding the submission type input completely as intended. (#642)

  • [Fixed bug] A dependency of ours introduced an XSS vulnerability, which organisers could use to execute JavaScript during the CfP workflow of speakers via question texts. We have added a fix against this behaviour, and submitted a report including a patch to the upstream library. To prevent issues like this one in the future, we have moved all remaining JavaScript sources to files, and set the according CSP header, so that execution of inline JavaScript will be disabled.

  • [Fixed bug] pretalx did not display speaker availabilities during submission, even when they were required, breaking submission workflows. (#594)

  • [Fixed bug] When signing up with an email address with upper case letters included, pretalx only allowed to log in with a lower-cased email address. (#583)

Organiser backend

  • [Feature] During event creation, pretalx provides more critical feedback, such as asking if the event is supposed to take place in the past, or suggesting good slugs. (#326)

  • [Feature] As an alternative to file uploads, organisers can now also provide their custom CSS directly as text. (#393)

  • [Feature] Question pages now feature visual statistics where appropriate.

  • [Feature] Organiser can now provide a header image instead of a header colour and pattern for their events.

  • [Feature] Before setting a new custom domain for an event, pretalx now checks if the domain has any DNS records. (#589)

  • [Feature] Teams settings are now located exclusively at the organiser level. The navigation entry in the event sidebar will take you there directly.

  • [Feature] The organiser area has now additional, event specific login pages (at /orga/event/<slug>/login/) which redirect by default to the event dashboard, and appear with the colour and logo of the event in question.

  • [Feature] You can now decide to add the robots=noindex meta tag to prevent bots from crawling your event pages.

  • [Feature] Since SVG files are nearly impossible to sanitise, pretalx has given up trying, and will no longer accept SVG files as image uploads.

  • [Fixed bug] When organisers changed the event time frame, already submitted availabilities would have to be changed upon new submission. (#579)

Organiser backend: E-Mails

  • [Feature] Emails can now also be sent grouped by submission track or submission type. (#669)

  • [Feature] In pretalx, emails the organisers send out are now connected with user accounts if the address matches anybody, allowing organisers and speakers to see which emails were sent to a speaker. This serves both as a help for organisers and speakers, in case emails get lost, email addresses are inaccessible, or any other issues occur.

  • [Feature] The Reply-To field now permits multiple email addresses. (#566)

  • [Fixed bug] pretalx was inconsistent in its usage of email senders and Reply-To. Now, if there is a sender address configured, the Reply-To is not explicitly set. pretalx falls back to the instance-global sender if there is no event sender address. A Reply-To setting is available if the organisers wish to provide a separate address there. (#688)

  • [Fixed bug] Mails to submissions with titles near the length cap (of 200 characters) could not be created, since with the added “[event]” prefix the mail subject was too long to be saved. (#655)

  • [Fixed bug] The rendering of the full submission content in the acknowledgement mail (upon submission) looked weird in HTML, due to missing line breaks. (#645)

  • [Fixed bug] When telling speakers about their scheduled or rescheduled slots, a hidden mail template was used instead of the actual template visible to the organiser. (#479)

Organiser backend: Speaker management

  • [Feature] The speaker page in the organiser backend now has a direct link to send an email to that speaker. (#459)

  • [Feature] Organisers can download a list of speakers as a CSV file. (#559)

  • [Fixed bug] When adding a submission as organiser, pretalx did not validate the speaker email address and then tried to send them an email regardless of its validity. (#571)

  • [Fixed bug] Speaker without an avatar and with gravatar disabled had a broken avatar-image in the speaker’s view in the organiser backend.

  • [Fixed bug] People who had only deleted submissions in an event were still shown in the submitter list, which was unexpected and was since fixed. (#572)

Organiser backend: Session management

  • [Feature] There now is a page for submission statistics.

  • [Feature] Organisers can now filter submissions and reviews by track. (#609)

  • [Feature] Add a field for notes of the organisers for their own use which is not visible to the public and the speakers. (#532)

Organiser backend: Review process

  • [Feature] Within the review dashboard, organisers can now accept and reject multiple submissions at the same time. (#360)

  • [Feature] Instead of by average, review scores are now shown aggregated by the median. (#656)

  • [Feature] Via the new review phase settings, speakers can be allowed to modify their submissions while they are being reviewed. (#598)

  • [Feature] Reviewers are now shown a progress bar when going through submissions.

  • [Feature] Organisers can now view all reviews, except for their own submissions. (#433)

  • [Feature] Reviewer teams can now be restricted to one or multiple tracks. Reviewers will only see submissions and reviews from these tracks.

  • [Feature] You can now order submissions by the number of reviews they have received on the review page. (#457)

  • [Feature] Due to the generous sponsorship of JuliaCon, pretalx is now capable of blind reviews, i.e. making sure that reviewers cannot see speaker names. (#346)

  • [Feature] The review settings have moved from the CfP page to their own settings page.

Organiser backend: Scheduling

  • [Feature] Instead of having to scroll with the mouse wheel or arrow keys when dragging a talk in the schedule editor, you can now just drag the talk to the upper or lower edge of the window instead. (#640)

  • [Feature] In the schedule editor, the room names and the current date are now fixed to the top when scrolling down. (#486)

  • [Feature] If you only noticed after releasing your schedule that you wanted to changes something in your speaker notifications, you can now generate those emails again from the schedule editor actions menu. (#477)

  • [Feature] You can now decide if you want to notify speakers about their changed talks when releasing a new schedule.

  • [Fixed bug] Changing the order of rooms made the schedule break.

  • [Fixed bug] pretalx did not automatically update a talk’s duration when it was changed via the submission type or directly. It was only changed when you moved the talk in the schedule editor. (#587)


  • [Feature] The submission endpoint now provides a created field to organiser users. (#682)

  • [Feature] The API now provides internal notes by speakers and organisers to requesting users with adequate permissions. (#634)

  • [Fixed bug] In the (undocumented) review API, reviews of deleted submissions were shown, even though those submissions were not available anymore via the frontend. (#689)

  • [Fixed bug] Fix a bug where some fields in the schedule XML export were rendered without their timezone offset (only day definitions, not the talk times). (#618)

Languages and translations

  • [Feature] If only one conference language is available, pretalx does not as speakers to choose it from a drop-down, as this behaviour is rather silly.


  • [Feature] Administrators can now see a dashboard with relevant settings and current information, including documentation links.

  • [Announcement] You can now install pretalx[redis] if you use pretalx with a redis server for better caching and/or asynchronous task runners.

  • [Announcement] Our documentation now lists the tasks a pretalx instance should run periodically, namely runperiodic about once every five minutes, and clearsessions about once a month.

  • [Announcement] pretalx is now able to run with Python 3.7 even when using Celery.

  • [Announcement] Our documentation now explains which parts of pretalx to back up. (#606)

  • [Announcement] pretalx does not run regenerate_css on startup automatically any longer. This reduces startup times. If for any reason an event does not look as it should, you can fix it by running python -m pretalx regenerate_css. You will also need to execute this command on updates from now on.

  • [Announcement] To help make other pretalx installations more secure, we have updated our proposed nginx configuration to include an attachment header for all files under /media, to prevent user uploaded data to be delivered directly to other users. If you host a pretalx instance, please make use of this option.

  • [Announcement] A couple of URLs now end in a trailing slash where they did not before – you will be automatically redirected, so you don’t have to worry about it unless you integrate pretalx somewhere without following redirects.

Developers and plugins

  • [Feature] Plugin developers can now use the is_available hook to decide if their plugin should be shown on a per-event basis.

0.9.0 2018-12-21


  • [Feature] pretalx can now group talks in tracks. Each talk can be assigned a track (either by the submitter, or by the organiser). Tracks will be displayed in configurable colours in the public schedule. The feature is entirely optional, and you can continue using pretalx without tracks without any problem.

  • [Feature] We tuned pretalx performance to be faster when showing the schedules of large conferences with several hundreds of talks.

  • [Feature] The sneak peek view will only feature talks that have been accepted. (#538)

  • [Feature] Organisers can now follow an RSS feed to see new submissions – you’ll have to provide your authentication token in the RSS request header to authenticate. (#440)

  • [Feature] You can now set the default pretalx system wide time zone and locale (defaulting to UTC and English).

  • [Feature] The schedule page is now better printable. (#504)

  • [Feature] Plugins can now provide recording iframes (via the new register_recording_provider signal and other helpers).

  • [Feature] The new nav_event_settings plugin signal allows plugins to integrate their own settings pages next to the pretalx core pages.

  • [Feature] pretalx now presents a colour picker for your event primary colour, including a hint on colour suitability.

  • [Feature] The new /api/me endpoint shows name, email address, locale, and timezone of the logged in user.

  • [Feature] The nav_event plugin signal has changed to expect a list instead of a dictionary response. The dictionary response will be supported for one more version, and raises a deprecation warning.

  • [Feature] The API now provides a /rooms endpoint.

  • [Feature] The API now provides a /reviews endpoint. (#530)

  • [Feature] While filling out the submission form wizard, submitters see a top bar telling them where they are in the submission process.

  • [Feature] The new event drop-down helps you find your event, even if you have access to many events.

  • [Feature] The rebuild command now comes with a lot more build output for ease of debugging. You can disable the build output with the new --silent/-s flag.

  • [Feature] Administrators can now delete both events and organisers. (#476)

  • [Feature] Speaker email addresses are now available via the API for users with access permissions. (#493)

  • [Feature] You can now configure if speakers should provide their availability during talk submission. (#512)

  • [Fixed bug] Organisers could see the titles of speaker information notes of all events, not just the currently active one (they could not see the details or edit them). (#544)

  • [Fixed bug] A bug <> in celery could make running pretalx with asynchronous workers impossible. We have pinned an earlier celery version that does not show this problem.

  • [Fixed bug] When trying to review their own submission, a user would see a 404 not found error instead of an explanation that this was a forbidden action. (#529)

  • [Fixed bug] The password reset form told users if they had already tried to reset their password in the last 24 hours. While this is helpful, it also allows user discovery via password reset. Instead, the user now sees a more generic message.

  • [Fixed bug] The event dashboard showed a wrong countdown towards the CfP end while the CfP end was between three and one day away.

  • [Fixed bug] The organiser login page did not strip white-space from login credentials.

  • [Fixed bug] Review settings contained the setting “Force data entry” twice, referring to the score and text, respectively. (#524)

  • [Fixed bug] If a speaker did not check a mandatory checkbox, they could not submit the form (as intended), but could see no feedback explaining the issue. (#522)

  • [Fixed bug] Under rare circumstances, the pretalx database could reach a state pretalx could not cope with due to duplicate schedule versions. (#515)

  • [Announcement] A new pretalx plugin adds as a recording provider – this plugin replaces the previously inbuilt capacity of pretalx to provide recording iframes. (This functionality was never directly exposed and only accessible via the pretalx shell. It is now deprecated and will be removed in a later version.)


  • [Announcement] Due to an updated Django version, pretalx has dropped support for PostgreSQL 9.3 and MySQL 5.5.

0.8.0 2018-09-23


  • [Feature] A human-readable time until the CfP closes now shows up next to the end time. (#213)

  • [Feature] As an organiser, it’s now possible to send an email to all reviewers in the Compose Mail section. (#454)

  • [Feature] In exports, HTTP ETags are now supported to allow for more aggressive caching on clients. (#492)

  • [Feature] Organisers can now also reset the password for the speakers they have access to.

  • [Feature] Present a public list of talks and a list of speakers.

  • [Feature] The submission list now includes a graph of submissions over time.

  • [Feature] You can now see the sneak peek / is_featured flag in the submissions and talk API endpoints.

  • [Feature] You can now use your authentication token to access all pages you have access to, as you already could for the API. This makes integration of exports much easier.

  • [Feature] When using paper cards to build a schedule, each card comes with a QR code link to a quick scheduling form for that submission. (#240)

  • [Feature] You can now see warnings and what the public changelog will look like before releasing a new schedule.

  • [Feature] The schedule editor shows warnings on scheduling conflicts, including live feedback on where you can schedule a talk. (#214)

  • [Feature] The review dashboard now features the same search and filter options as the submission list. (#474)

  • [Feature] You can now add length restrictions to abstracts, descriptions, speaker biographies, and all text-based questions. (#408)

  • [Feature] When linking to a talk on social media, those pages will show the talk image.

  • [Feature] French translation

  • [Feature] The event logo shows up larger and up to the full width of the document below. Please check that your event still looks as intended after upgrading.

  • [Feature] Allow to order rooms manually. (#149)

  • [Feature] Allow to order questions manually. (#149)

  • [Feature] Instead of setting a flag somewhere, pretalx now has an explicit “go live” button. Plugins can listen to the corresponding signal (please refer to the plugin documentation for further information).

  • [Feature] For organisers, the submission/talk API endpoints now contain the question answers given by the speakers.

  • [Feature] Schedules now contain a search bar to filter talks by title or speaker.

  • [Feature] Schedules now feature a sidebar navigation to jump directly to a selected day.

  • [Feature] Allow organisers to configure which of the default CfP fields to request and require. Please check your settings after updating, as the migration is not guaranteed to work as expected.

  • [Feature] Prevent organisers from adding a non-localhost mail server without transport level security to make sure our Privacy Policy holds true.

  • [Feature] Allow organisers to trigger a password reset for team members. (#415)

  • [Fixed bug] When a user removed a submission containing an answered choice question, pretalx removed the selected answer option, too.

  • [Fixed bug] When a speaker held more than two talks, their related talks did not show up. (#501)

  • [Fixed bug] Custom CSS may now also include media queries. (#505)

  • [Fixed bug] Display of times could be off in the static HTML export. (#500)

  • [Fixed bug] Not all current TLDs did end up included as URLs when processing markdown input to build links. (#503)

  • [Fixed bug] The schedule import in the organiser backend never worked (while the manage command for administrators did work).

  • [Fixed bug] If a review question was mandatory while submission questions were active, they would block the submission process.

  • [Fixed bug] The HTML export contained media files (not other content) from all conferences on an instance, instead of the exported conference. (#488)

  • [Fixed bug] The behaviour of pressing enter in multi-step forms was not intuitive in some places. (#478)

  • [Fixed bug] Following the revamp of team permissions, override votes were missing from the settings. We re-introduced the settings, and improved the general handling of override votes. (#473)

  • [Fixed bug] You could make questions inactive, but not delete them.

  • [Fixed bug] Don’t show a 404 error if a reviewer tries to review their own submission, but show an error message instead. (#463)

  • [Fixed bug] Don’t crash during pretalx init if no conference organiser slug is present. (#451)

  • [Announcement] The URLs for schedule exports have changed from /my-event/schedule/export?exporter=exporter-name to /my-event/schedule/export/exporter-name – if you have hard-coded links to schedule exporters, please update them accordingly.


  • [Announcement] All manage commands available in pretalx are now included in the documentation.

  • [Announcement] pretalx now does not support usernames any longer – as all users had to have email addresses already, you will now have to provide an email address to log in. This may confuse users – as an administrator, you can look up users’ email addresses if they don’t remember them, or change them, if necessary.

Developers and plugins

  • [Feature] We now have tests to make sure all config options and plugin hooks are part of our documentation.

0.7.1 2018-06-19

  • [Fixed bug] The new read-only links for submissions received the same secret token when migrating the database. pretalx leaked no data, as this made using the read-only links impossible. When upgrading to the next release, all read-only link addresses will be reset.

  • [Fixed bug] A one-character-oversight led to issues with the new navigation search with certain user permissions.

0.7.0 2018-06-19


  • [Feature] To maintain compatibility with frab XML exports, the schedule XML export now contains a <url> tag. (#430)

  • [Feature] An event’s schedule is now available even if the browser has no internet connection, provided it has opened the schedule before. (#128)

  • [Feature] You can now configure the configuration file with the PRETALX_CONFIG_FILE environment variable.

  • [Feature] Some more context sensitive dashboard tiles include for example a countdown to the CfP end.

  • [Feature] A navigation search allows you to go directly to a range of useful pages.

  • [Feature] Submitters can share a submission via a read-only link.

  • [Feature] Organisers can configure a list of talks as “sneak peek” before they release the first schedule.

  • [Feature] The API now exports links to submission images and speaker avatars.

  • [Fixed bug] When trying to register a user with a nick that already existed in a different capitalisation, pretalx failed to show a clear error message.

  • [Fixed bug] (UI) The button colours when changing submission states were not intuitive. (#443)

  • [Fixed bug] If two organisers set a submission to “accepted” at the same time, two acceptance emails would show up in the outbox. (#444)

  • [Fixed bug] Removing a speaker from a submission could be impossible if their nick contained special characters.

  • [Fixed bug] If an event had a custom domain configured, absolute URLs would still use the instance’s default domain. (#446)

  • [Fixed bug] The “Mark speaker arrived” button is now visible during and slightly before the event, but not during other times. (#441)

  • [Fixed bug] The API always showed the speaker biography as empty.

  • [Fixed bug] When accessing a confirmation link unauthenticated, a 404 page was visible instead of a login page.

  • [Fixed bug] HTML exports failed if a speaker had cancelled their talk.

  • [Fixed bug] Sometimes, empty HTML reports showed up with all talks missing.

  • [Announcement] Add clever release notes.


  • [Announcement] Provide better upgrade documentation for administrators.

0.6.1 2018-05-15

  • [Fixed bug] The “Copy to draft” button was missing when viewing a sent email.

  • [Fixed bug] Accepted, but unconfirmed talks showed up as “Other talks” on the public schedule once the speaker had confirmed one talk. (#431)

0.6.0 2018-05-06

  • [Feature] New plugin hook: pretalx.submission.signals.submission_state_change will trigger on any state change by a submission.

  • [Feature] The frab compatible XML now uses UUIDs, and includes an XML comment with a pretalx version string.

  • [Feature] pretalx has a better general look and feel and colour scheme.

  • [Feature] Organisers can make more changes to speaker profiles and submissions to ease event administration.

  • [Feature] pretalx now has a concept of organisers and teams.

  • [Feature] To avoid running into issues when uploading custom CSS, and ensuring smooth operations, custom colours and CSS is not used in the organiser area anymore.

  • [Feature] You can now send mails from templates and use shortcuts from submissions to send mails to specific speakers.

  • [Feature] Since different events have different needs, organisers can now choose if speakers have to provide submission abstracts, descriptions, and speaker biographies during the CfP.

  • [Fixed bug] Speakers could see their submission in the organiser backend, but could access no information they did not put there themselves. (#375)

  • [Fixed bug] The API showed talks to organisers if no schedule was present yet. It did not show the information to unauthorised users.

  • [Fixed bug] There was no possibility to reset a user’s API token.

  • [Fixed bug] If an organiser changed a speaker’s email address, they could assign an address already in use in the pretalx instance, resulting in buggy behaviour all around.

0.5.0 2018-03-07

  • [Feature] pretalx now features a Plugin API, allowing to install custom plugins. Plugins can add their own exporters, and hook into plugin hooks. You can enable or disable plugins per event. You can find the plugin developer documentation here.

  • [Feature] Organisers can now decide if reviewers should have to submit a score or a text with their review. (#340)

  • [Feature] Organisers can provide room-based information for speakers, and send it automatically in the emails about talk scheduling. (#93)

  • [Feature] The list of submissions is now better searchable. (#318)

  • [Feature] Speakers can now upload an image that will show up next to their talk information. (#294)

  • [Feature] Reviewers can now also answer custom questions during their review, with all capabilities that speaker questions have.

  • [Feature] There are now optional review deadlines, preventing users from adding, modifying or removing reviews after a certain date. (#352)

  • [Feature] Individual directories for logs, media, and static files can now take their values from environment variables.

  • [Feature] Organisers can now show information snippets to submitters, or speakers. (#348)

  • [Feature] Allow to filter question statistics by speaker status.

  • [Fixed bug] In the dashboard, reviewers would see an incorrect link to add new reviewers. (#344)

  • [Fixed bug] The “save” button was missing on the mail settings page. (#341)

  • [Fixed bug] Users could not see (instead not change) their submissions after CfP end, until they were either rejected or accepted. (#333)

  • [Fixed bug] In the <title> tag, the event showed up twice, once properly and once in a technical representation.

  • [Fixed bug] Documentation fix: The environment variable for database passwords is PRETALX_DB_PASS, not PRETALX_DB_PASSWORD.

  • [Fixed bug] Unconfirmed talks showed up as empty boxes in the schedule editor.

  • [Fixed bug] Upgrading the privileges of an existing user did not result in an email, since it required no new account.

  • [Fixed bug] The Docker setup was non-functional. The documentation includes a notice of limited support. (#300)

  • [Fixed bug] The organiser view now always uses the event timezone.

0.4.1 2018-02-05

  • [Fixed bug] CfP was not editable due to missing “Save” button. (#335)

  • [Fixed bug] Organisers could not add new questions. (#336)

0.4.0 2018-02-04

  • [Feature] A page in the organiser area lists and links all possible data exports in one export page.

  • [Feature] You may now import XML files to release a new schedule. (#322)

  • [Feature] We added a new team management interface to manage all team members and permissions in one place. (#292)

  • [Feature] The new init command for project setup adds the initial user, but in time it should ask for basic configuration, too.

  • [Feature] The rebuild command now supports a –clear flag to remove all static assets before rebuilding them.

  • [Feature] You can choose a pattern for the header hero strip in your event colour.

  • [Feature] You can now choose different deadlines per submission type, overriding the default deadline. (#320)

  • [Feature] All forms are instantly editable if you have edit permissions, and disabled otherwise. No more need to click “Edit”! (#325)

  • [Fixed bug] The schedule export could change project settings, requiring pretalx restart to reset the settings. Turning “Generate HTML export on schedule release” off was a workaround for this bug.

  • [Fixed bug] When running pretalx as (in-application) superuser, permission issues could arise. pretalx now warns and offers to migrate the account to an administrator account. (#259)

  • [Fixed bug] Frontend password validation was non-functional, and never displayed interactive password statistics. This was a display issue.

  • [Fixed bug] We removed the unused max_duration property of submission types. (#327)

  • [Fixed bug] Users always saw the default submission type instead of their chosen one. (#329)

0.3.1 2018-01-18

  • [Fixed bug] Make 404 errors more helpful.

  • [Fixed bug] Re-introduce support for the documented PRETALX_DATA_DIR environment variable.

  • [Fixed bug] Leaving an optional choice question empty resulted in a server error.

0.3.0 2018-01-17

  • [Feature] Organisers can mark speakers as “arrived”. (#243)

  • [Feature] Visitors can download an iCal file containing all talks of a single speaker. (#67)

  • [Feature] We have a new API for speakers.

  • [Feature] The speaker biography is now visible in submissions in the API endpoint.

  • [Fixed bug] Non-superusers could not access the email sending form.

  • [Fixed bug] More than one event stage could be visible as active.

  • [Fixed bug] If a user without active log-in looked at entered submissions, they triggered a server error instead of a 404.

  • [Fixed bug] If notifications about new submissions were active, pretalx sent the mails to the submitter instead of the organiser.

0.2.2 2017-12-11

  • [Fixed bug] Reviewers could not view speaker pages.

  • [Fixed bug] Inviting somebody twice did not issue a second invitation object.

  • [Fixed bug] Somebody who was reviewer first could not join the organiser team.

0.2.1 2017-12-06

  • [Feature] All HTML contains better meta tags, which leads to better display in social media. (#122)

  • [Fixed bug] Organisers could not delete inactive questions (making them active first worked as a workaround). (#289)

  • [Fixed bug] Organisers could not delete choice questions as long as they still had answer options. (#288)

  • [Fixed bug] Review team invitations sometimes failed, resulting in useless invitation objects.

  • [Fixed bug] Clicking the “Save & next” button when reviewing could result in an internal error, without any data loss.

  • [Fixed bug] Organisers could not remove reviewers from teams.

  • [Fixed bug] Absolute URLs always included “localhost” as their host.

  • [Fixed bug] When adding a submission in the organiser backend with an organiser user as speaker, the organiser user did not receive a speaker profile.

0.2.0 2017-12-01

  • [Feature] E-mails are now sent with a multipart/HTML version, featuring the mail’s text in a box, styled with the event’s primary colour. (#159)

  • [Feature] You can now choose to hide the public schedule (including talk pages and speaker pages, but excluding feedback pages and the schedule XML export) (#126)

  • [Feature] pretalx validates mail template placeholders, and prevents organisers from saving templates including invalid placeholders. (#215)

  • [Feature] You can now ask questions that take an uploaded file as an answer. (#208)

  • [Feature] Speakers can now upload files which will be visible on their talk page. (#209)

  • [Feature] , [Feature] The review interface has been rewritten to include fewer pages with more information relevant to the user, dependent on event stages and their role in the event. (#210)

  • [Feature] pretalx can now run with celery (an asynchronous task scheduler) for long running tasks and tasks like email sending. The new config section is part of our documentation. (#38)

  • [Feature] The new rebuild command will recompile all static assets.

  • [Feature] Question answers now receive a nice evaluation, aggregating all given answers. (#207)

  • [Feature] Organisers can mark questions as “answers contain personal data”. When users delete their accounts, they also delete answers of these questions. (#233)

  • [Feature] We moved to a new permission system that allows for more flexible roles. Please report any bugs that may relate to incorrect permissions. (#78)

  • [Feature] You can now configure a custom domain to use with your event, in case you have an event specific domain for each of your events. (#171)

  • [Feature] You can assign “override votes” to reviewers, which function like vetoes (both positive and negative), on an individual basis. (#156)

  • [Feature] The new read-only REST API supports resources for events and submissions.

  • [Fixed bug] The default value for email SSL usage is now False, permitting the default configuration of localhost:25 to work on more machines out of the box.

  • [Fixed bug] pretalx crashed with incorrect invite keys, now it shows a 404 page. (#304)

  • [Fixed bug] When building absolute URLs for exports, emails, and RSS feeds, pretalx used “localhost” instead of the actual configured URL.

  • [Fixed bug] If a user was both an organiser member and a reviewer, they could encounter access rights issues.

  • [Fixed bug] When removing the custom event colour, and then adding it again, caching issues could occur.

  • [Fixed bug] Inactive questions (questions not visible to speakers) were not editable.

  • [Fixed bug] In some places, gravatar images of the visiting user were visible instead of the speaker.

  • [Fixed bug] The event stage display could show conflicting phases as active.

  • [Fixed bug] The default submission type was not, in fact, suggested by default. (#287)

0.1.0 2017-11-01