Source code for pretalx.submission.models.type

from django.db import models
from django.utils.text import slugify
from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _
from django_scopes import ScopedManager
from i18nfield.fields import I18nCharField

from pretalx.common.mixins import LogMixin
from pretalx.common.urls import EventUrls

def pleasing_number(number):
    if int(number) == number:
        return int(number)
    return number

[docs]class SubmissionType(LogMixin, models.Model): """Each :class:`~pretalx.submission.models.submission.Submission` has one SubmissionType. SubmissionTypes are used to group submissions by default duration (which can be overridden on a per-submission basis), and to be able to offer different deadlines for some parts of the :class:`~pretalx.event.models.event.Event`. """ event = models.ForeignKey( to='event.Event', related_name='submission_types', on_delete=models.CASCADE ) name = I18nCharField(max_length=100, verbose_name=_('name')) default_duration = models.PositiveIntegerField( default=30, verbose_name=_('default duration'), help_text=_('Default duration in minutes'), ) deadline = models.DateTimeField( null=True, blank=True, verbose_name=_('deadline'), help_text=_('If you want a different deadline than the global deadline for this submission type, enter it here.'), ) objects = ScopedManager(event='event') class urls(EventUrls): base = edit = '{self.event.cfp.urls.types}{}/' default = '{base}default' delete = '{base}delete' prefilled_cfp = '{self.event.cfp.urls.public}?submission_type={self.slug}' def __str__(self) -> str: """Used in choice drop downs.""" if self.default_duration > 60 * 24: return _('{name} ({duration} days)').format(, duration=pleasing_number(round(self.default_duration / 60 / 24, 1)), ) if self.default_duration > 90: return _('{name} ({duration} hours)').format(, duration=pleasing_number(round(self.default_duration / 60, 1)), ) return _('{name} ({duration} minutes)').format(, duration=self.default_duration ) @property def slug(self) -> str: """The slug makes tracks more readable in URLs. It consists of the ID, followed by a slugified (and, in lookups, optional) form of the submission type name. """ return f'{}-{slugify(}'
[docs] def update_duration(self): """Updates the duration of all :class:`~pretalx.schedule.models.slot.TalkSlot` objects of :class:`~pretalx.submission.models.submission.Submission` objects of this type. Runs only for submissions that do not override their default duration. Should be called whenever ``duration`` changes.""" for submission in self.submissions.filter(duration__isnull=True): submission.update_duration()